Absolute Recovers Laptop From a Family Affair

By: Absolute Team | 2/13/2009

The daughter of a LoJack for Laptops customer recently reported the theft of her mother's laptop to local authorities and the Absolute Recovery Team. According to the daughter, her boyfriend had borrowed the laptop, and while on his way to return it, was robbed at knife-point. The Absolute Recovery Team began to track the missing computer, collecting user and location information each time it logged on to the Internet.

The Recovery Team was quick to provide authorities with the address of the laptop's most recent user. When police visited the residence, they were met at the door by a man who claimed to have recently purchased the computer from an acquaintance. The man's father was quick to advise him to return the laptop, however, believing the transaction to be suspicious and suspecting that the laptop was a stolen good. To avoid a heavy conscience, the man had returned the laptop to the original seller shortly before police had arrived. When police asked for information on this seller, the man identified a familiar face - the daughter's boyfriend.

When confronted by police who were looking for answers, the daughter admitted to stealing her mother's laptop and then working alongside her boyfriend to craft the entire scenario. Hoping to sell the laptop for some extra cash, the daughter falsely reported the theft to mislead police. After the sale fell through, she had hidden the laptop in her closet, afraid to reveal the truth to her mother.

The laptop was recovered and has been returned to the mother - an angry parent, but a happy LoJack for Laptops customer.

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Please note that the indictments and criminal complaints are merely unproven accusations and the accused in all cases are presumed innocent until proven guilty

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