Absolute Recovers Laptop...And Then Some

By: Absolute Team | 1/22/2010

Five Computrace equipped laptops were stolen from an office burglary in late 2009, though with a little help from the Absolute Theft Recovery Team, police recovered four soon after. These recoveries pointed directly to a suspect, resulted in an arrest, and conveniently, an informant. Police were tipped off to a second suspect, who Absolute was able to confirm as the unauthorized user of the fifth machine. An investigator paid a visit to the suspect’s residence.

As it would seem, laptop theft was among the suspect’s many unlawful hobbies. The victim’s laptop was recovered from the home, along with three other computers that did not have Computrace installed. Additional stolen property was also seized, as well as narcotics and a substantial amount of Napalm. The suspect was arrested, and will soon be joined by four of his associates who are being detained in connection to the case.

Please note that indictments and criminal complaints are merely unproven accusations and the accused in all cases are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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