Absolute Recovers Laptop After Online Fraud

By: Absolute Team | 2/5/2009

When a LoJack for Laptops customer used an online auction site to sell her laptop, she assumed that the transaction was complete. The laptop was shipped to its new user and was said to arrive three days later. When it was soon discovered, however, that the buyer had used a false online payment account and that the supposed payment was never processed, the customer turned to LoJack for Laptops for help.

The Absolute Team worked with investigators to trace the original shipment of the owing laptop, only to determine that the shipment recipient had promptly resold it upon arrival. Luckily, the laptop began to call into the Absolute Monitoring Center soon after the resell, allowing the Absolute Team to determine its current user and location. This information was handed over police, who visited the provided address.

The current user was cooperative with authorities, returning the laptop and helping to identify the shipment recipient. Although the user faced no indictments, police have since charged the fraudulent buyer. The laptop has been returned to its original owner, who is reconsidering the prospects of a sell.

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Please note that the indictments and criminal complaints are merely unproven accusations, and the accused, in all cases, are innocent until proven guilty.

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