Absolute Provides Automated Meltdown and Spectre Risk Assessment to Speed Remediation

By: Kim Ellery | 1/11/2018

Despite reports of boot failure and performance impact, the fixes for the recent processor-level flaws Meltdown and Spectre are critically important. If left unaddressed, these vulnerabilities could potentially grant hackers access to vast amounts of your sensitive data. While vendors scramble to distribute the necessary security updates, you’re still faced with the problem of actual mitigation. Are you at risk? Which endpoints are vulnerable? How will you get the fixes applied in a timely manner?

Today, Absolute announced new additions to the Absolute Reach Library which includes automated risk assessment to mitigate the business risk of Meltdown and Spectre. Absolute Reach provides organizations with the situational awareness to identify vulnerable endpoints — on and off the corporate network— and protect data, guiding you through appropriate remediation steps.

Security teams must work faster than the cybercriminals hoping to exploit the newly disclosed vulnerabilities. To that end, Absolute’s rapid response team assessed the technical details, developed targeted risk assessment and remediation tools that have been validated to help organizations reduce their exposure as news of Meltdown and Spectre broke. These automated workflows are made available via the Absolute Reach library, which, for Absolute customers, accelerates time to remediate and arms security staff with automated workflows to mitigate risks and protect data.

Fighting against security flaws such as these is, in too many cases, delayed due to a lack of technical expertise and instrumentation. With the power of Absolute Reach, organizations can now expedite their adaptive endpoint protection with minimal effort. In addition, Absolute’s patented Persistence technology enables this technology to be deployed on all endpoints, including dark endpoints, filling a crucial security blind spot.

As threats such as these evolve, users can follow the prompt-driven Absolute Reach wizard to query and remediate endpoint vulnerabilities using authenticated workflows — all based on the collective intelligence of experienced security experts who have addressed the issue successfully. Following remediation, users can instantly validate that all endpoints are secure and compliant.

Absolute Reach provides the automation you need to:

  • Significantly reduce endpoint query and remediation time requirements.
  • Intuitively apply remedial actions across an entire endpoint population with a few clicks.
  • Collect deeper insights for compliance — e.g., assess exposure to new vulnerabilities.
  • Leverage hundreds of other IT asset and security workflows — such as patch status, power configuration settings, application installation/removal and wireless configuration updates.
  • Avoid the need to modify workflows for their environment or limit the deployment to only on-network devices, a common challenge for administrators using other community scripting resources and tools.
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