Absolute Predicts Enterprise iPad Growth

By: Absolute Team | 1/8/2011

mdm-device-cluster.sflb.pngAbsolute Software's Stephen Broscoe was on hand to chat with Cult of Mac's Leander Kahney at CES this week. Mark & Leander talked about the future of enterprise use of the iPad, which we predict will take off this year.

“We have enterprise customers who want to replace 10,000+ laptops with iPads, but until there’s a robust management solution, they can’t go down that path,” - Stephen Broscoe, director of program management at Absolute.

The use of the iPad to replace laptops is cost effective, from a technological perspective, and convenient from a user perspective. That said, enterprises want to ensure the iPads aren't stolen by employees, or by thieves, and want the ability to remotely lock and wipe devices that go missing.

That is, of course, where we come in!

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