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Absolute Manage to Keep Track

By: Absolute Team | 7/6/2012

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TechLearning recently featured Absolute Manage in its article on "Keeping Track," an article about IT asset management software. The article features recommendations from several technology directors about the software they use in their organizations.

Absolute Manage was recommended by Kirk Langer, Director of Technology for Lincoln Public Schools (LPS).

LPS has been using Absolute Manage for 5 years to keep track of their laptops and desktops and recently their iPads, saying:

"It helps us know when it’s time to take a product out of service by doing data-warehouse work. If we need a minimum amount of storage for something, it kicks back the answer. We use it to understand our assets."

Kirk cites the ease of use of Absolute manage as well as its ability to help LPS make decisions quickly recording efficiency. Best of all, LPS is able to save money by using Absolute Manage by replacing the 3 or 4 products they previously used as well as other efficiencies it offers. Here's one extreme example of how Absolute Manage saved time for LPS:

"In May 2011, our district office burned down and everything was lost. Our insurance carrier wanted detailed records to show our loss, and the IT department did that more accurately than anyone else in the building. We had verifiable evidence, thanks to Absolute."

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