Absolute Manage as Mac Solution

By: Absolute Team | 9/19/2012

Two recent articles make mention of our products as being "must haves" for the management of corporate Apple products.

Read Write Web writes about the pros and cons of using anti-virus software, which often catches only run-of-the-mill malware aimed at Macs and often comes with a performance hit. If you choose not to install AV software on Macs, there are alternatives they recommend:

  • Gatekeeper, which ships with Mac OS X Mountain Lion
  • An automated recovery tool set (so a Trojan-infected Mac can be restored to pre-infection state)
  • Patching regularly with a system such as Absolute Manage
  • Endpoint data loss prevention (DLP) software, if needed
  • Apple's native disk encryption

Automated patch management is just one of the many features of Absolute Manage, of course, but we appreciate the recommendation!

The second post is on Forbes where the topic of the management of Macs in the enterprise is discussed. In this article, the author discusses how IT struggles to support and manage Macs with some of the same conclusions for management as the above article. Absolute Manage was mentioned as one of the few software options that offers "strong Mac-specific functionality and content" that parallels Windows management (our software works for many endpoints).

In addition to these recommendations, Forbes talks about modernizing the enterprise application portfolio to offer alternatives for email, collaboration, file sharing, and software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based enterprise applications to remove legacy OS and browser dependencies.

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