Absolute Manage 6.5 Leads the BYOD Evolution

By: Absolute Team | 7/17/2014

With the release of Absolute Manage 6.5 this week, Absolute Software has become the first to market with BYOD support for Mac and Windows computers. Organizations now have the ability to secure and manage employee-owned devices beyond the traditional form factors of smartphones and tablets—all from a single console.

Absolute Manage 6.5 allows organizations to maintain control over sensitive corporate data regardless of device ownership for the majority of form factors and operating systems. This means that whether your organization supports BYOD, COPE, corporate-owned or some other mix of acronyms, we’ve got you covered. And whether you are supporting not just computers, but tablets and smartphones too, we’ve got you covered. All from a single console.

Following the principles behind the concept of Unified IT, Absolute Manage 6.5’s comprehensive approach to device management puts control back in the hands of the organization, ensuring only properly configured devices are permitted to access corporate networks and data.

As we’ve been talking about lately here on InTelligence, many organizations have failed to realize the benefits of BYOD programs, primarily from the complexity it leads to in IT. Many devices types has forced IT to implement multiple device and OS-specific products, leading to console fatigue and significant IT resources lost to the duplication of management tasks. This complexity is stripped away with Absolute Manage 6.5, which offers a single console for a variety of computers, tablets and smartphones.

As we mentioned in our pre-release post, Absolute Manage 6.5 also supports the Samsung KNOX Workspace, which allows for the separation of personal and enterprise workspaces on Samsung devices, offering an integrated security foundation for organizations. Absolute Remote has also also been extended to Samsung devices, allowing administrators to remotely view the service issue on the screen of a device and remotely implement a fix.

“Employee-owned devices, when supported with the appropriate security and management infrastructure, can have a tremendously positive impact on user productivity and satisfaction,” said Geoff Haydon, CEO at Absolute Software. “Absolute Manage 6.5 extends traditional BYOD workflows to include all of the different devices an employee may own – not just smartphones and tablets. Absolute customers with Android devices will have the additional benefit of Samsung KNOX Workspace so they can draw a clear line between corporate and personal, regardless of who owns the device.”

Absolute Manage 6.5 will provide a number of significant features that realize the Absolute Unified IT vision to manage all devices from a single console. With this release, Absolute Manage is the only solution on the market to offer full BYOD capabilities for all devices. Find more information here.
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