Absolute Manage 6.3 Expands Mac OS X Support

By: Absolute Team | 6/19/2013

Absolute Software just released Absolute Manage 6.3, an update which expands managed preference settings to Mac OS X. Absolute Manage provides organizations with unrivaled asset management capabilities, from computer imaging, patch management, MDM security, and BYOD policy automation, each capability allows IT to properly manage and secure the endpoint. Absolute Manage allows organizations to persistently manage and secure all of their endpoints from a single console, including Mac, PC, iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. This latest release of Absolute Manage enhances our support for Mac OS X computers.

The latest release of Absolute Manage features a variety of Mac enhancements including the ability to manage both OS X Profiles as well as MCX (Managed Preference) settings on older Mac OS X computers. This will expand the profile-based management and configuration within Absolute Manage from mobile devices to Mac computers.

In addition to creating profiles using Absolute Manage's native profile editor, IT administrators will be able to import and modify OS X configuration profiles they may have already created outside of Absolute Manage.

Absolute Manage's intelligent automation and proactive, policy-based management easily identifies what type of configuration profiles are supported, and automatically deploys them to individual computers or groups of computers. Absolute Manage 6.3 also includes expanded support for Samsung's SAFE MDM functionality.

Availability Absolute Manage 6.3 is available today. For more information, visit our website or download our Absolute Manage datasheet.

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