Absolute Manage 6.0.1 Released

By: Absolute Team | 1/13/2012

Building upon the last major release of Absolute Manage, we released Absolute Manage 6.0.1 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week.

Absolute Manage offers the only single, unified console that natively enables IT administrators to efficiently manage all of their Mac, PC, Android and iOS devices by automating time-consuming IT processes such as software distribution, patch management, asset inventory and management of applications and licenses. All of these features, and more, allow IT managers to quickly respond to security incidents.

Absolute Manage includes AbsoluteSafe, allowing IT administrators to securely distribute sensitive or confidential files to iOS devices including security options to block the file from being copied or emailed, as well as password protect files. With sophisticated functionality, you can implement the tightest document / media security available on the market today. Learn more about AbsoluteSafe in this video.

Here are some photos we took while at CES this past week!

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