Absolute Launches Computrace Mobile for BlackBerry

By: Absolute Team | 2/25/2009

In November, Absolute Software announced a closed beta for expanding Computrace Mobile for  the BlackBerry® platform. On Monday, Computrace Mobile for BlackBerry devices went live!

Computrace Mobile delivers asset management, data protection and geolocation tracking for the popular BlackBerry line of smartphones (versions 4.2.1 and later). A couple of months ago, we shared a beta experience from John Halamka, CIO, Beth Israel Deaconess & Harvard Medical School, who described his experiences using the platform. He has completed the 60 days of beta testing now, saying:

"I depend on my BlackBerry to run five different organizations, $100 million in annual budgets, and 800 emails a day. The Computrace Agent enables me to track my Blackberry via its internal GPS. Also, it enables my staff to track my location to an accuracy of about 20 meters."

If you're an existing Computrace customer, you can manage your mobile phones from the same portal. This gives our customers the ability to quickly and easily manage their data devices, reducing operational costs and losses from theft. If a computer or smartphone protected with Computrace goes missing, you also have the ability to remotely delete sensitive data. Learn more from the press release here.

Computrace Mobile is also supported on all Windows Mobile® 5 and 6 handheld devices including the HP® iPAQ, HTC® Touch, MOTO Q™, Samsung® BlackJack and Treo®.

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