Absolute Helps Customer Nab Spiteful Ex-Employee

By: Absolute Team | 8/20/2010

Disgruntled, a terminated employee ditched her company car in a vacant parking lot. She claimed that she had also ‘returned’ her work computer by leaving it in the trunk – but upon retrieving the vehicle, employers found no such machine. They reported the computer stolen to Absolute and police.

A week into the investigation, Absolute confirmed that the ex-employee was in fact still using the laptop. Not only did the Theft Recovery Team trace the computer to her home address – they also found she had used it to write several blog posts that were less than flattering to her former employer.  Armed with this evidence, Absolute sent police to her door.

Police were met with resistance – the former employee denied playing any part in the laptop’s theft. In fact, according our suspect, she hadn’t seen the machine since the day she left the company. Yet when presented with Absolute’s evidence, her tone abruptly changed. To avoid further conflict, she sheepishly handed the machine over to police.

Indictments and criminal complaints are unproven accusations and the accused in all cases are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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