Absolute Helps Catch Career Thief in Dishonest Transaction

By: Absolute Team | 3/18/2009

Absolute began tracking a Computrace equipped laptop the day after it was reported stolen by a California middle school. The user's online activity revealed that he was arranging for the sale of the stolen machine and would be meeting two interested buyers at a coffee shop the following day to complete the transaction.

Absolute handed this information over to police, who waited patiently at the identified cafe in hopes of nabbing the unauthorized user. Within the hour, the suspect appeared with laptop in hand, and seated himself beside two individuals. The three discussed the details of the laptop sale, though before the final transaction could be made, the overlooking authorities stepped in, the laptop recovered, and the thief arrested onsite.

Further investigation into the suspect revealed that he was a probationer with a criminal history that dated back well before 1960. Adding to his impressive list of criminal acts, the elderly man can now also boast charges of computer theft and burglary.

The laptop has since been returned to the middle school.

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Please note that indictments and criminal complaints are merely unproven accusations and the accused, in all cases, re presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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