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Absolute for Chromebooks Now Includes Web Filtering

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 9/12/2016

Almost every school district in the US now has laptops, tablets and other mobile devices, with digital learning an integral part of the curriculum. In the United States, Chromebooks are rapidly becoming a popular choice in the K-12 school system, given their affordable price point and built-in access to apps and educational content. With the pervasiveness of connected devices such as Chromebooks in schools, the potential learning advantages are evident, but so are the risks. Students have access to an infinite amount of content over the internet.  But issues like  cyberbullying, inappropriate web content and cyberslacking are a growing educational concern.

At Absolute, we have worked closely with education organizations for more than 20 years to support the growth of technology in the classroom. Earlier this year, we released Absolute MTM for Chromebooks Reporting & Alerts. This solution provides detailed reporting and alerts on hardware, software and geolocation information, with remote security features such as device freeze.  Moving forward, we aim to meet our customers growing need to enforce boundaries around web usage and crack down on non-compliant behaviour. Working closely with our Chromebook customers, we are releasing additional web-filtering capabilities.

Absolute MTM for Chromebooks Web Filtering allows you to re-allocate your time and effort. Instead of policing individual internet usage of your students, you'll be able to focus on learning outcomes while promoting a dynamic learning environment. Our web filtering feature will enable to you easily:

  • Protect students from inappropriate content, both on and off the school network
  • Manage access to specific sites
  • Leverage prebuilt web categorization of sites and content
  • Create customized policies for multiple groups of device users (students, teachers, administrators, etc.). Policies are applied to users, not devices.
  • Create dynamic filtering of web content (strictly block, loosely block, or allow)
  • Manage policies from anywhere and at any time
  • Report on detailed web usage and attempted access metrics for approved and unapproved sites

Absolute MTM for Chromebooks allows you to confidently enable digital learning by combining effective security technology, theft investigation services, and on-site student safety programs. The Web Filtering feature in Absolute MTM for Chromebooks helps you meet CIPA-required certifications related to Internet safety and supports Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) initiatives. Visit our website to learn more.

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