Absolute Cuts Laptop Thefts by 85% at Kristinehamns Kommun

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 4/12/2014

Kristinehamns Kommun is the local authority for the town of Kristinehamn in Sweden. The authority provides a range of services to its 24,000 residents, including the education of its 4,000 students through 13 senior schools and 18 junior schools.

In 2010, the authority launched an IT programme to provide each senior student and teacher with a laptop, for use in school and outside school time. In this 1:1 program, Kristinehamns Kommun faced challenges in accounting for lost or stolen devices. In the first launch of 1,500 laptops, 52 disappeared for a cost of $72,000. Even insurance coverage could not solve the ongoing attrition of devices and the impact this had on students and teachers.

After doing some research, Kristinehamns Kommun chose Absolute to meet their goals, particularly in reducing theft. Since the deployment of Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS) , theft of laptops has been reduced by 85%. The authority has done a great job telling everyone using the laptops that Absolute DDS is installed, which has led to a dramatic improvement.

And what about those 15%? Well, 6 devices were lost or stolen after Absolute DDS was installed. We recovered every single device.

To find out how Kristinehamns Kommun uses Absolute to reduce theft by 85%, secure the learning experience, and preserve IT budgets, check out the case study here.

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