Absolute Customer Center: New Features, 10 Languages

By: Absolute Team | 3/25/2009

Absolute Software announced a whole series of improvements to the log into your account, which is the web-based console that enables customers to secure and manage their computers, whether this be tracking their locations or reporting devices as missing.

The Absolute Care Center, which caters to corporate Computrace customers, is now available in 10 languages, 11 if you want to be smart and count U.S. English as different than U.K. English. ;)

In addition to the language support, which expands our capabilities within the EMEA, South American and Asia-Pacific markets, you can now access enhanced security, management and usability features as part of the Customer Center. Some of the new features include:

  • Additional security features available with Intel Anti-Theft Technology-enabled computers (ability to unlock missing computers that are subsequently found)
  • Support for Safari & Firefox browsers, in addition to Internet Explorer
  • Quicker access to IT asset information with a cleaner, streamlined user experience
  • Ability to export the most up-to-date and accurate inventory and computer population information to other systems via XML, as well as CSV

With these changes, the Absolute Customer Center is even easier to use, with access to new security and management features that provide Absolute customers with more ways to manage and secure their IT assets.

For more information on Absolute Software and its range of computer theft recovery, data protection and IT asset management solutions, please visit www.absolute.com

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