Absolute Computrace Now Enhanced with Google Maps Geolocation

By: Absolute Team | 1/6/2015

Absolute Software today announced that we will be extending Absolute Computrace to use Google Maps to provide improved device geolocation tracking to our customers along with improved global coverage and more accurate geolocations.

"The location of a device is an important factor in assessing the risk of a data loss event and measuring compliance with corporate policies,” notes Bill Gordon, our VP of Engineering and Development. Google Maps technology gives our customers the highest accuracy in tracking devices and generating alerts when risks are present.

Knowing where a device is, and where it has been, is an important factor within your GRC policy. The geolocation capabilities of Absolute Computrace include recent and historical location information for a device, as well as the ability to build geofences to contain devices within a specific geographical area. If a device goes beyond the bounds of a geofence, IT is alerted so they can investigate and determine if the device and the data on it is at risk.

Geoff Haydon, CEO here at Absolute Software, notes that “Google Maps will ensure we are delivering the most accurate results, from every device, for all our customers worldwide."

To learn more about how Absolute locates and tracks devices, visit our website. We also welcome you to read a case study on how the Capital Guardian Youth ChalleNGe Academy (CGYCA) prevents laptop thefts with geofencing.

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