EVENTS: Absolute at BSides Vancouver and #BCTECH Summit

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 3/10/2017

Absolute has been making waves in the tech industry with the debut of our Application Persistence Product, which extends our “unfair advantage” in self-healing to the entire endpoint security stack. Next week, two of Absolute’s security experts will be leading discussions on the changing field of IT security, sharing insights about cybersecurity, the need for solid endpoint security, and the challenges faced by technology leaders in staying ahead of the new evolution in security threats.

BSides Vancouver: Around the World in 80 Gigs: What Really Happens When a Device is Stolen?

Richard Henderson, global security strategist for Absolute, will be speaking at BSides Vancouver 2017 on March 13th and 14th. BSides Vancouver brings together information security professionals, hackers, coders and stakeholders in the greater technology community.

On March 14th at 1 pm, Richard will be presenting Around the World in 80 Gigs: What Really Happens When a Device is Stolen?

Company-owned electronics that show up on the other side of the world. Stolen laptops that surface a year or two later. Criminal activity on corporate devices. Law Enforcement unwillingness to help… what really happens to your laptop when it’s stolen? Most people believe that when their laptop gets stolen out of their car, or swiped off the table at the local coffee shop, it ends up pawned off for a paltry sum or sold on Craigslist. Once the device is wiped clean and the hard drive is replaced, it’s gone forever. Certainly, that’s true in many cases, but what about the devices that didn’t get sold off for a quick buck? This talk will share some of Absolute’s most interesting theft cases in the past year: tales of creative device theft from our Investigations team that rival what you might see on TV.

#BCTECH Summit: Grappling With Privacy and Security in the IoT Age: Aiming to Win

Jo-Ann Smith, Absolute's director of technology risk management & data privacy, will be joining a panel at the #BCTECH Summit, which will take place at the Vancouver Convention Centre from March 13-15. The #BCTECH Summit is the largest technology conference in British Columbia, bringing together tech entrepreneurs, anchor companies, and business leaders to exchange ideas around innovation and growth.

Absolute is partnering with Microsoft during #BCTECH to showcase our innovative Application Persistence product, and Jo-Ann will be speaking on a March 14th panel led by Gary Perkins, executive director & chief information security officer, Province of British Columbia. They'll be joined by Keith Cerny, chief technology officer at ACL, and Richard Wilding, director, new ventures at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence.

During the discussion, Grappling With Privacy and Security in the IoT Age: Aiming to Win, panelists will discuss the deep-reaching social, economic and security impacts of digital technology and the need to foster a strong public-private partnership to combat cybersecurity threats. From regulations to the day-to-day business across every enterprise, attendees will gain a better understanding of the importance of implementing a balanced, risk-based security strategy to mitigate the threats facing today's organizations.

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Get BSides Vancouver tickets here, and follow the conversation online at #bsidesvancouver. Get #BCTECH Summit tickets here, and follow the conversation at #BCTECH. We'll also be joining the conversation on Twitter at @absolutecorp.

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