Absolute at SXSWEdu: How Student Technology Analytics Helps Secure Funding Requirements in K12

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 2/28/2017

Absolute will be at SXSWEdu this week, talking about student technology analytics and how we can help school districts maximize funding and boost learning outcomes.

EdTech estimates that technology spending in education will reach $252 billion by 2020; the Learning Counsel estimates that 86% of schools and districts are expected to spend more on digital curriculum in 2017 versus the record-setting $9 billion spent in 2016.

Technology adoption, increased insights

As technology adoption evolves with education, so too does the insight required to maximize learning outcomes and to protect and apply for increased funding. School districts must prove devices are used effectively and appropriately, helping to achieve the highest levels of student safety and academic performance. Historically, there was no way to prove if a device was in the hands of a student or sitting dormant in a classroom, making ROI impossible to calculate.

Many school districts have come to rely on e-Rate grant programs, increasingly competitive state technology grants and other public and private grant programs to supplement dwindling IT budgets and the constant battle against device obsolescence. School districts are being challenged to demonstrate the effectiveness of existing technology investments and to offer a detailed plan of how new technology investments support digital learning initiatives.

Exhibiting good stewardship of state funds through concrete metrics proves that grant funds are not only appropriately invested, but also used in the best ways. By further demonstrating positive ROI as a result of technology use, school districts can justify funding increase requests with conclusive and quantifiable data in hand.

Student Technology Analytics: How it Works

Through Absolute’s partnerships with top school districts and the unrivaled visibility that Absolute Persistence offers, schools can prove a positive return on technology investments and boost learning outcomes.

As we detail in our whitepaper, Absolute’s device usage capabilities allow schools to track utilization rates to justify technology funding and correlate technology to learning outcomes. This unique contextual view can prove compliance mandates to protect funding while also helping protect schools from device theft and minimizing student safety risks.

Many funding programs such as the E-rate program now include proof of compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Schools and libraries receiving discounts and grants must prove the effective enforcement of an Internet safety policy, including a technology protection measure.

We help districts measure technology usage by device, classroom or district, making it easier to draw comparisons across classrooms and schools, as well as through time. With Absolute, you can ensure that all schools in a district maximize their technology investment, optimize device deployment, and allocate funding effectively.

Insight into device usage capabilities is just one of the many valuable streams of information available via Absolute’s Student Technology Analytics Solution, which extends across Windows, Mac and Chromebook devices. Learn more at Absolute.com/education.

Join us at SXSWedu this week! Absolute will be hosting a trio of sessions at this year’s event, focusing on the conference theme of “innovation in learning” through a series of discussions on how to leverage data analytics in K-12, as well as key topics around student safety when it comes to devices and data.

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