ABCs of Security

By: Absolute Team | 4/15/2010

As a new mom myself, I have become immersed in the world of children's songs... including the alphabet. So, perhaps that's what drew me to Sam Curry's "The Security Alphabet." But, aside from the mom angle, it's simply a smart way to make security more "fun", don't you think?

Sam put together an A-Z listing of security terms and why they're important. Everything from Adaptive to Encryption to Zombie. Truly fun! And we can't, of course, forget the 'I' that's so vital to both consumers and businesses:

I is for Identity

Ultimately, it’s all about the end-user. We shouldn’t forget that. The single greatest asset we have is our identity: it’s what allows us access to the value in the data side. Management of identity, Federation and the like are vital for the Internet to remain usable and for our vision for clouds to be fulfilled.

Check out the full list here! Perhaps integrate this into your security training for a 'lighter side' to your teachings?

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