AARP Identity Theft Course for Seniors

By: Absolute Team | 8/26/2009

The Houston Family Examiner has written an article entitled "Tips to protect senior citizens from elder abuse identity theft". In this article, I was pointed to the AARP as one of the sources for information on identity theft for the elderly. There, I found a wealth of useful information to pass along.

The AARP writes articles regulary on Identity theft, such as this one. This article suggests great preventative measures for identity theft including: checking your credit report once a year, never giving out your Social Security Number, shredding personal information (including credit offers), cutting back the number of cards you carry, hiding your PIN when you key it in, keeping information in your home secure (consider a safe) and never giving out your credit card or banking information to anyone unless you independently can confirm they are a legitimate business.

The AARP also offers an Identity Theft Course to help you understand and identify identity theft. The course will help you:

  • Know what identity theft is
  • Do a wallet check to protect yourself from identity theft
  • Take steps to protect yourself from identity theft in your home and on the road
  • Recognize early warnings of identity theft
  • Take the first steps if you're a victim of identity theft
  • Have the numbers to call to get help or more information

Start the course here!

Hat tip to I've Been Mugged

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