A Transformational Year With Absolute Profits Up 40%

By: Arieanna Schweber | 11/21/2016

The past two years have been transformational for Absolute. The last year, in particular, has seen Absolute jump to one of the top 100 most profitable companies in BC with profits up over 40% over last year.

Our CEO Geoff Haydon spoke with Business in Vancouver about the transformation of our business and customer base.

“Half our business now is done outside of education, in corporate, in health care, financial services, retail, oil and gas – verticals that were unknown two years ago and still largely undeveloped but now providing the impetus for growth.”

The Transformations Continue at Absolute

In the past year, we’ve extended our industry-leading endpoint security and data risk management solution, Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS) to include Endpoint Data Discovery, allowing you to search for sensitive data on your endpoints and in cloud storage applications. This gives you unprecedented visibility to protect against a range of potential threats, including insider threats. We integrated Absolute DDS with all major SIEM systems, giving you a holistic view of security and compliance. We also implemented a popular new feature to report on the status of Microsoft SCCM and repair any missing or corrupt agents.

Working with our OEM partners, we’ve added Persistence technology into more devices, extending our self-healing endpoint visibility and remediation capabilities into billions of endpoint devices. We’ve also extended the power of Persistence to include Application Persistence, allowing a zero-touch, automatic reinstallation of any supported software agent. We’ve revamped our interface and added real-time assessments and rich device usage reporting, allowing you to respond to threats more quickly.

Even internally, we’ve redesigned our offices and promoted creativity and innovation from within with our hackathons, patent programs, and other innovation initiatives.

We’ve achieved a lot, but we’re not done yet. We’ve strengthened our platform to include other endpoint attributes like application user behavior and data characteristics - all allowing us to provide enterprises with a rich perspective on the usage pattern of that endpoint and to identify emerging risks. More transformation and innovation is yet to come as we look to the future!

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