A Quarter in Review

By: Absolute Team | 7/15/2011

PandaLabs released their Q2 Report for 2011 recently, covering the April - June 2011 periods. Given that this year has seen a large number of high profile breaches (NHS, RSA, Sony), it seems like a good idea to step back and look at the security field with a thorough analysis. This report looks at the general trends of every security field report, as well as addressing cyber-activism in particular, which we also did here.

Some overview data from the report includes:

  • Trojans, including new variants capable of stealing information, make up 68.34% of all malware
  • 39.79% of global computers were infected with malware
  • Adware accounts for 2.58% of new malware but 8.64% of all infections (it is quite effective)

This report focused much less on global statistics and more on specific incidents of attack, including those on RSA and Sony, which can be used as case studies for your own security planning.

If you are interested in the whole hacktivism movement, do take a good read of that section in the report. It does a good job of talking about the groups - from Anonymous to the new LulzSec - as well as what's being done to stop them.

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