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A Look Inside Absolute for Chromebooks Web Filtering

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 10/10/2016

Earlier this year, we released Absolute Mobile Theft Management (MTM) for Chromebooks. Through this offering we provide educational organizations with detailed reporting and alerts on hardware, software and geolocation information, as well as remote security features such as device freeze. Working closely with our Chromebook customers, we also released web-filtering capabilities. This feature allows our customers to protect their students from inappropriate content and to manage access to specific sites, among other capabilities.

Absolute MTM for Chromebooks Web Filtering lets you to re-allocate your time and effort. Instead of policing individual student internet usage, you can focus on learning outcomes and promoting a dynamic learning environment. This has been an exciting beta release for us, with a lot of interest from our education customers. We put together an FAQ on just what you can expect from Absolute MTM for Chromebooks Web Filtering.

This download will give you an overview of:

  • Flexibility in policy and filtering. Create customized policies for multiple groups of device users  and create dynamic filtering of web content (strictly block, loosely block or allow)
  • The 3 components of Absolute MTM Chromebooks Web Filtering: a Chrome browser extension, web categorization server and a physical or virtual server
  • How to deploy the Web Filtering extension
  • How Chromebook interacts with the web categorization server at the Absolute data center, which is pre-configured and updated regularly with a list of over 70 categories
  • The benefits of reporting capabilities that look at web usage and attempted access metrics for approved and unapproved sites

Absolute MTM for Chromebooks Web Filtering is currently available in Open Beta, with plans for full release in early 2017. Absolute MTM for Chromebook customers receive these new web filtering features at no additional licensing cost. A physical or virtual server is required.

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