A K-12 Client Profiled for Laptop Recoveries

By: Absolute Team | 12/21/2011

One of our K-12 clients, Detroit Public Schools, was recently named a national leader in high tech law enforcement and computer tracking following the recovery of nearly 400 laptops since June 2009.

ABC recently covered this story, going into more detail about a string of thefts that were affecting Detroit public schools. In particular, a few young men part of a gang known as the Helli Boys were targeting schools around Detroit.

More than 1,700 laptops were stolen from 43 locations in Michigan, with 400 of those recovered. The men in the Helli Boys gang were identified when they used the stolen laptops:

"We’ve had over 22,000 recoveries in over 85 countries," says Doug Lubahn of Absolute Software. "We can tell them who has it, and give them a very good idea on where it’s at as well."

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