9 Ways to Keep Your Identity Secure

By: Absolute Team | 10/19/2012

Adrian Covert published an article on Gizmodo about the "9 Things You Absolutely Must Do to Keep Your Online Identity Secure." Right now, chances are your online identity is linked in many different ways… you probably use passwords on multiple accounts, have a single email address, use standard security questions and probably use information that's easy to guess. All of this opens not just one account, but every account, to being compromised.

Here are 9 steps to prevent your online identity being compromised:

  1. Use strong passwords. You can come up with your own or, ideally, use a random password generator as part of your password management solution (such as 1password)
  2. Use HTTPS (some tips on how to use HTTPS connections)
  3. Use stronger security question answers - the best option is to create another random password for the answer and store it as a note in your password manager
  4. Use 2-step authentication whenever it's available (Facebook, Google)
  5. Use a secret email address for account logins, not the one you use for general email
  6. Have a low profile phone number
  7. Manage your passwords, as we mentioned in point #1. No need to worry about long passwords if you aren't required to remember them.
  8. Set up login notifications for suspicious activity
  9. Tie up loose ends such as: don't save credit card information on shopping sites, password-protect all your devices, buy an external drive for backup (to avoid compromise to the cloud), don't link your accounts

We hope you found these tips useful!

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