7 Steps to Make the Move to iOS 7

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 10/8/2013

Mere weeks after the launch of iOS 7, adoption rates of the new OS are up to nearly 70%. We've talked about many of the new iOS 7 features that are targeted to enterprise users, though on the enterprise level the move means a number of additional changes must take place. Due to this, some enterprises are still lagging in moving to iOS 7.

We have put together a list of 7 steps to help enterprises make the move to iOS 7:


  1. Use Apple IDs for BYOD 
  2. Know Your Apps
  3. Read the Fine Print
  4. Streamline Device Enrolment
  5. Improve App Performance
  6. Upgrade to iOS 7

Want to know more? Visit our iOS 7 page for the full links.

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