65% of Web Users Attacked

By: Absolute Team | 9/23/2010

According to The Norton Cybercrime Report: The Human Impact, recently released, some form of cybercrime has affected more than two-thirds of the Internet population. The survey, which paid particular attention to the emotional effects of cybercrime, found that the most common reactions are anger, annoyance, a feeling of being cheated and even guilt.

The study, which was of 7,000 web users around the world, showed some interesting results:

  • 65% of global respondents have been victims of cybercrime (viruses, online credit card fraud, identity theft)
  • 73% of US respondents have been victims of cybercrime
  • China, Brazil and India were the highest ranking nations for cybercrime victims
  • 58% of cybercrime victims feel angry
  • 3% of respondents don't believe cybercrime will happen to them
  • 80% believe that cybercriminals will not be brought to justice

Because of the latter statistic, many people feel reluctant to take action against cybercrimes and often feel quite hopeless. We need to push to make sure that cybercriminals do come to justice for their crimes!

Via IT Pro

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