6 Steps to Consumerization

By: Absolute Team | 4/2/2012

The CIO website recently posted a great 6-step guide to adoption consumerization in the workplace, aka adopting to the BYOD trend, that offers some useful tips on adjusting to this 'unstoppable' change. As we know from all of our recent discussions on the topic, it's just as important to adjust the corporate culture as it is to manage the security & risks of BYOD.

The article builds upon each of the 6 steps below, highlighting some examples of companies both struggling and succeeding in each area.

6 Steps to Consumerization:

  1. Create a culture that welcomes consumer technology
  2. Focus on policy-based governance
  3. Implement a mobile device management (MDM) software solution
  4. Tap into your employee base for app ideas
  5. Get over security skittishness around BYOD
  6. Build an app store that appeals to users

Absolute Software can help you in several of these steps with Absolute Manage MDM which includes our AbsoluteApps application to securely host, remotely deploy and distribute in-house apps while also providing users with a list of recommended consumer apps.

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