5 Tips for Securing Your Enterprise Data

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 10/22/2014

In the October 2014 issue of Computerworld Digital Magazine, Stacy Collet wrote an article on "5 Tips for Securing Your Enterprise Data.” This article was on how to retake control of your data with sandboxing, cloud security gateways and more. The article features insights on how real organizations are tackling enterprise data issues.

5 Tips for Securing Your Enterprise Data

  1. Use endpoint detection and response solutions
  2. Add sandboxing capabilities
  3. Use analytics to understand and act on data
  4. Protect data in the cloud
  5. Use adaptive access control

The first recommendation features insight on how Cigna-HealthSpring monitors the security of its mobile devices using Absolute DDS. As shared in our own customer video, HealthSpring is able to check on devices in real time, know where they are, what’s on them and remotely wiping them if necessary.

“We can build in zones where we do business. If a device goes outside of a zone, it will alert us and we can take a proactive approach,” notes Anthony Mannarino, IT Director, Security and Compliance at Cigna-HealthSpring.

To gain more insights into these 5 tips, view the rest of the article here. To learn more about Absolute's healthcare solutions, visit our website.

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