5 Tips for Avoiding Mobile Security Blunders

By: Absolute Team | 4/30/2014

I just published an article for BCW (Business Computing World) on “5 Tips for Avoiding Security Blunders.” With business data far more valuable than the devices they’re stored on, here are some actionable ways to keep that data protected:

  1. Manage Your Mobile Workforce - Devices used for remote work not only carry business data, but also access to corporate networks. Even with a mobile device / BYOD / insert-your-acronym policy, devices too easily go missing or are stolen. There are all too many examples of laptops and phones stolen from cars, lost on holiday, or stolen during a business meeting at a cafe. Remote work can be made secure for businesses of all size with software such as Absolute Computrace for remote file retrieval and complete data wipes.
  2. Don’t Ignore The Threat Of Apps - App use boomed by 115% in 2013 and even the most common apps can compromise data security (uncontrolled data storage, malware). Do you have a strategy for managing apps? Learn more about options for app management using Absolute Manage.
  3. Educate Your Staff - As we saw in our recent survey, 23% of employees don’t believe that the security of their company’s data is their responsibility. Ongoing education is key.
  4. Account For Multiple Threats - Threats to data come from many sources, whether malicious intent or human error, or lax security in any area - BYOD, remote work, cloud storage, or just leaving a device in a car overnight. Data security policies need to take into consideration each device brought into the office, as well as each end-user.
  5. Let Software Do The Work - Regardless of the particular policy – BOYD, CYOD, COPE and so on – they have all become common headaches for IT departments. Businesses need to choose a policy that suits their needs and couple it with mobile device management software that fits best.

See more on each of these points in my original article. Drop a comment here or there - I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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