5 Mobility Strategy Tips

By: Absolute Team | 4/2/2009

Network World has put together a series of 5 tips for an effective enterprise mobility strategy. Such a strategy will ensure that IT is aware of all the technology purchased for or used for business purposes and how these devices are used.

  1. Define Requirements - how the workforce needs to work
  2. Be Selective - decide what is necessary and cost-effective
  3. Establish who is in charge - of ongoing device management, security, mobile application development, carrier relationships and network deployments
  4. Commit to documenting policies - start with good polities, review them and educate employees
  5. Evaluate - decide if your strategy continues to keep up with new technology and needs of the company

Having a centralized mobility policy will help ensure that employees have access to the technology they need and are not driven to break security policies by using their own devices unbeknownst to the IT department. As part of your mobile security policy, Computrace Mobile can help your organization manage your handheld devices and protect your data if they go missing.

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