5 Key Factors for Tablet Integration in K-12

By: Absolute Team | 5/11/2012

Converge Magazine recently put together an article about the factors that K-12 administrators should consider when implementing a tablet initiative. The article is based upon conversations with four K-12 administrators who use tablets as part of their curriculum.

5 Factors in Starting a Tablet Initiative

  1. Consider your learning goals - teachers need to be involved in establishing goals of what the devices can accomplish before talk of hardware begins
  2. Figure out a digital curriculum strategy - lessons first, devices second! This plays into the hardware choice as well as which learning management system to use. As well said by Emily Starr, "As you create your digital curriculum, you'll need to consider whether your infrastructure will support the kind of digital content you want to use."
  3. Pick your management style - this relates to your MDM strategy
  4. Set your price point and refresh cycle
  5. Choose your top features - great discussion on this topic of operating systems & apps and who has ultimate control

Tim Williams, director of product management for Absolute Software, has been working closely with school districts across the country to choose and deploy tablet solutions. His comments are integrated into the Converge Magazine article and we are more than happy to help you with your own tablet initiatives. Absolute Software can provide options for both endpoint security as well as endpoint management for your MDM needs in the K-12 segment. Want to know more, contact us!

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