5 Employee Types and How They Put Data at (More) Risk This Christmas

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 12/24/2014

Christmas tends to amplify data security issues. People are out and about at parties with their gadgets, there’s more travel, and more distraction. It is so easy to accidentally leave a gadget on transit or in a cab or to leave a laptop in a car while at a party or shopping. The increased use of online shopping and more free time for trying new apps also add in new risks to corporate security.

I recently wrote an article for Enterprise Apps Tech on this topic, “Christmas time, the ICO and data crime: How to stay safe”, as well as earlier article for Business 2 Community on “Christmas time, Data Crime and Potential Fines."

In these articles, I talk about how internal errors are often the culprit in data breaches, and how Christmas simply amplifies these issues. During this high-risk time, and heading into a new year of security planning, I put together a list of 5 Employee Typologies to guide the understanding of risks posed by employees.

  1. The Millennial who must always be connected. Risks introduced include use of WiFi, prolific use of social media and downloading of apps
  2. The Snooper who intentionally puts data at risk
  3. The Gadget Man who wants every new gadget, and wants them all to use at work
  4. The Scatter-Brained who loses devices or documents
  5. The Extra-Miler who always wants to keep working at home, so finds a way to send or save data


As you can see, data loss by all except The Snooper would be unintentional. Do you have a policy in place that employees should follow, to give them the best guidelines to protect your data? If you don’t, you will be held fully accountable for their actions.

To stay on the right side of the law, businesses will need to demonstrate three things. A data security policy that is clear and accessible. Data security training for employees that is relevant to the organisation and the individual. And there must be proper data protection software in place. Take the time this Christmas to ensure you have protections in place for now and for the next year(s) to come!

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