5 Crucial Ways to Protect Corporate Data

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 8/15/2014

Security threats come in more shapes and sizes than ever before. Keeping tabs on all the ways your corporate data could be compromised can feel overwhelming, so I put together a list of the Five Top Tips for Buidling Your Security Strategy, which was published on TechRadar.

  1. Manage your mobile workforce - it doesn’t matter if you have BYOD, CYOD or COPE, if the device is lost or stolen, it could be lethal for your data (both what’s on the device, as well as offering a gateway to business infrastructure). Securely enabling your employees is key. ‘Track, manage and secure’ your devices and information - it should be your mantra, and we can help.
  2. Don’t ignore the threat of apps - this is an area I explore further in another post, How to Protect Your Business From Dangerous Apps, talking about the issues with uncontrolled repositories and unsigned apps
  3. Educate your staff - 23% of employees don’t believe the security of company data is their responsibility, making them the weakest link
  4. Account for multiple threats - from malicious intent and human error to cloud storage policies and lost devices, there are lots of risks that need to be covered
  5. Let software do the work - mobile device policies developed quickly, they end up becoming IT headaches. Businesses need to choose a policy that suits their evolving needs with enterprise mobility management software that best fits those needs.


Read more about these security strategy tips here.

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