5 Biggest IT Security Mistakes - Your Take?

By: Absolute Team | 7/29/2011

Ellen Messmer of Network World has put together a list of the "The 5 biggest IT security mistakes" that plague even seasoned IT security pros. As the article mentions, being in IT can be a thankless task, though the attention will sure be on you if and when a mistake happens. Here are five of the technical and political mistakes Ellen suggests avoiding:

  • Thinking that the business mindset of the organization is the same as five years ago
  • Failing to build working relationships with IT and upper-level managers
  • Not understanding that virtualization has pulled the rug out from under everyone's security footing
  • Not preparing for a data breach
  • Complacency with IT security vendors

The discussion on each component is quite good - the article talks a good deal more about the politics that are involved. All too often we get hung up on the changing technologies and forget that managing complicated relationships within and external to the corporation are also key to success.

What do you think about these mistakes? Would you add others to the list?

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