4 Great Security Lists

By: Absolute Team | 2/23/2009

Sometimes there's so much good advice out there that it's impossible to cover it all. Rather than miss out on some of these gems, I'm going to point out some good list-based articles that have caught my attention, highlighting the salient points of each.

Laptop Security Is a Three-Legged Stool - Intel

This list fits in snugly with our own motto of "mutli-layered laptop security" at Absolute. For now, check out the "3 legs" of laptop security:

  1. Physical Security
  2. Data Protection
  3. Protection Solution

9 Dirty Tricks: Social Engineers' Favorite Pick-Up Lines - CSO Online

These are tactics employed by criminals (cyber and otherwise) to scam you out of personal information or money or to gain access. The list had 8 tricks, not 9, but who's counting? ;)

  1. "I'm traveling in London and I've lost my wallet. Can you wire some money?"
  2. "Someone has a secret crush on you! Download this application to find who it is!"
  3. "Did you see this video of you? Check out this link!"
  4. "This is Chris from tech services. I've been notified of an infection on your computer."
  5. "Hi, I'm from the rep from Cisco and I'm here to see Nancy."
  6. "Can you hold the door for me? I don't have my key/access card on me."
  7. "You have not paid for the item you recently won on eBay. Please click here to pay."
  8. "You've been let go. Click here to register for severance pay. "

5 Tips for Managing Security in a Recession - CSO Online

Another great look at how to prioritize your security spending and planning this year.

  1. Prioritize based on risk/reward
  2. Have the right mix of people on your team
  3. Build repeatable processes
  4. Create an optimal shared cost strategy
  5. Automate and outsource wisely

Top 5 Security Resolutions for New PCs - InformIT

If you've just bought a new computer, take some quick security steps before you start using it! Here are 5 resolutions to take:

  1. I Will Patch My Systems
  2. I Will Use Common Security Tools
  3. I Will Back Up My Data
  4. I Will Secure My Wireless Router
  5. I Won’t Write Down My Passwords

And to end off the great tips offered in these articles, walk the lighter side with this ID-theft-themed Dilbert comic.

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