370 Passwords Banned by Twitter

By: Absolute Team | 1/8/2010

Twitter has decided that certain passwords are so bad that they cannot be used to log on to the popular site.  It’s interesting since the list is concise and contains both the predictable and obscene, but it’s the mundane words (including one of my own favorite passwords) that are so intriguing.

When I first heard about this list, I was initially irritated by Twitter’s attempt to assert control over what users choose as their passwords but, after reading through the 370 banned terms, I realize that this list could (and possibly should) be used by everyone when choosing a password for any site.

Some examples include banana, twitter, cookie, 111111, monkey and zzzzzz. If you would like to see the complete list (I encourage you to check it out so that you can avoid these passwords), visit TechCrunch.

image: Twitter

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