30 Steps to Protecting Privacy & Reputation

By: Absolute Team | 4/5/2010

AXcess News has put together a great list of steps to protect your privacy and reputation online. The steps are well laid out, including steps to understand what kind of information you want to protect as well as practical steps to protect it.

Some of the steps I want to highlight from the list include:

  • Set up a monitoring service for your name / company name on Google (News & Blog Search)
  • Look at your public profile on social networking sites to see what's publicly available (log out to see this information)
  • Only confirm friends you know on personal social networking sites. Leave "unknown" people to professional sites like LinkedIn.
  • Take the time to delete or block spam followers
  • Be aware of what this post / comment "says about me" to others before you post it. Consider that it will always be online. Don't post in the heat of the moment.
  • Post your vacation comments after you return home. Don't post when you are leaving, that you are gone, or that teens are home alone.
  • Don't post full birth dates, birth place or give out your mother's maiden name.
  • Don't post your children's full names and birthdays. Children are a growing target for identity theft.

Check out more about this list here.

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