3 Ways to Evaluate New InfoSec Solutions: Absolute Security Visionary Interview with Art Coviello

By: Pam O'Neal | 9/27/2016

The Absolute Security Visionary Series captures the latest thinking, news and research as shared by the industry’s foremost leaders. These interviews offer valuable advice and a rare glimpse into the future of a complex and quickly evolving security landscape. Subscribe to the Absolute InTelligence Blog for updates as they happen.

With all due respect to the Temptations, former RSA Executive Chairman Art Coviello describes the information security landscape today as a “ball of confusion,” made all the more complex by current approaches to evaluating InfoSec solutions. According to Coviello, the most effective InfoSec solutions don’t fit neatly into a magic quadrant or traditional IT categories.

Instead, these solutions work together to create an integrated system or chain of defense that prevents attacks before they’re launched, detects attacks that can’t be prevented, and remediates intrusions faster to prevent data theft or business disruption. To accomplish this, we need security solutions that are embedded—not just bolted on—working together, reinforcing and adding exponential value to each other to protect endpoint devices and at-risk data that can be just about anywhere. That’s something we at Absolute know a lot about.

If you were unable to attend Structure Security and Coviello’s keynote presentation, you won’t want to miss this inaugural episode of the Absolute Security Visionary Series in which Coviello reveals his three keys for assessing new Infosec purchases to fulfill this vision.

“I’ve been around, and I see the plight of CSOs who have to add control after control; they can’t seem to keep up,” says Coviello.

Listen in as he shares his advice for resource-strapped IT and InfoSec leaders who want to make sense of the rapidly evolving and ever-confusing world of information security and data protection solutions. Download the Forrester Data Security and Privacy Playbook for more actionable advice.

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About Art Coviello

With more than 30 years of strategic, operating, and financial management experience in technology companies, Art Coviello is one of the most recognized and influential figures within the information security industry. Mr. Coviello joined RSA Security, Inc. in 1995 and became Executive Chairman of the company, a position he held until 2015. He has played a leading role in several national cyber-security initiatives including as a founding board member of the Cyber Security Industry Alliance, and has served as an advisor to key government agencies as well as public-private initiatives.

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