How 2015 Tech Trends Impact Corporate Security

By: Stephen Midgley | 1/13/2015

2015 is here, with some major changes afoot. Just how will these changes impact enterprise security? What should be the priorities for 2015? In an article on Information Age, I explore the 2015 Technology Trends - What Are The Security Implications?

As explored earlier this month on InTelligence, 2014 was a record-setting year for data breaches. IT departments know that data security is a top priority. When it comes to planning for 2015, we need to look to some changes that will impact corporate data security:

  1. The EU Data Protection Regulation, set to come into force in 2017, increases responsibility (and sanctions) around data security. Many changes are radical and plans need to be made now to accommodate.
  2. Big Data Innovation may suffer, as the potential for data leaks may turn some organizations away from harnessing the power of big data. Organizations that want to reap the rewards of using big data need to plan security from the start.
  3. Even More Mobile if you can believe it. More devices equals more risk.
  4. Changing Device features and capabilities may impact the way corporate data is stored and accessed. Just what risks could new features introduce?
  5. Generation Z may lack the experience to know that data in the cloud is at risk. Their laissez-faire attitude could come into the workplace.

The corporate IT environment is changing faster than ever, fuelled by wider changes in consumer IT. Businesses clearly want to take advantage of the benefits that they can offer, but now more than ever data security needs to remain at the heart of these initiatives.

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