2009 ID Theft Aftermath Study

By: Absolute Team | 8/25/2010

The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) recently released their 7th annual Aftermath Study for victims of Identity Theft in 2009. For the first time since the study has been published, the ITRC has noticed that there are fewer negative consequences as the result of identity theft for the victims.

Some interesting and positive trends from the study include:

  • Victims spent an average of 68 hour repairing damage done by identity theft (down from 76 hours in 2008) to existing accounts
  • Victims spent an average of $527 out-of-pocket to repair damage to existing accounts (down from $741)
  • 44% of respondents indicated support from friends

Though all of these results are positive, victims of identity theft still are victims of identity theft, which is not a good thing at all, don't you think? The survey noted that check fraud was on the increase, along with an increase in cases of governmental and criminal identity theft issues.

The moment of discovery of the case continues to be adverse, indicating that the public and business sections have been less successful in proactive measures to stop identity theft crimes before they happen or become complicated. In addition, the victim’s inability to easily resolve negative records continues to be a stated point of frustration and source of anger, including short-term and long-term emotional impact.

Learn more in the press release here.

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