2009 Enterprise Encryption Trends

By: Absolute Team | 7/20/2009

According to the 2009 Annual Study on Enterprise Encryption Trends, completed by Ponemon Institute and sponsored by PGP, indicates that while encryption strategies have become more consistent, data breaches continue to be an issue. In addition, the data indicates that mobile security is becoming more of an issue, with 51% of respondents indicating a complete lack of encryption on mobile devices (smartphones, PDAs).

This is the 4th annual study on enterprise encryption, basing the data this year on 997 IT and security practitioners in the US (a UK study is also available). The study looks at trends in encryption use, planning strategies, budgeting, and deployment methodologies in enterprise IT.

Highlights from the study:

  • 78% of organizations have an encryption strategy in place (74% in 2008)
  • 85% experienced at least one data breach in the last 12 months (84% in 2008)
  • 22% experienced >5 data breaches in the last 12 months (13% in 2008)
  • 58% say data protection is a very important part of overall risk management
  • 59% say encryption of data on mobile devices is very important or important
  • 26% indicate they encrypt their smartphone or PDA 'most of the time'
  • 51% have no encryption in place for the smartphone or PDA

I was surprised that the repeat data breach figures had gone up so dramatically, showing perhaps that data breaches are becoming chronic issues in some companies. This could indicate a lack of proactive security planning and risk assessment.

The study does indicate that companies are seeking out encryption solutions to preserve brand and reputation, in addition to mitigating breaches and meeting compliance regulations. This shows, perhaps, that companies are ready to take a more pro-active approach to security planning. Remember, too, that encryption is only a part of the solution to pro-active security planning. Absolute Software can help with other pieces of that puzzle, providing IT Asset Management & Theft Recovery for laptops and mobile devices.

Download the report, for the UK or the US, here.

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