$120,000 Savings in One Year with Absolute Manage

April 28, 2014

We recently put together a new case study on how Hikari Tsushin was able to save time and hardware costs by using Absolute Manage.

The Challenge at Hikari Tsushin

Hikari Tsushin is a Japanese company with a wide range of business activities from office equipment to mobile phone sales and ISP sale/distribution. With over 2,000 stores, Hikari Tsushin is now the #1 independent mobile phone sales agency in Japan.

With 6,200 employees in its headquarters in Tokyo, Hikari Tsushin found that maintaining a fleet of laptops for simple Internet tasks such as sharing internal documents, using email and the intranet, was very costly and cumbersome. In order to keep pace, Hikari Tsushin replaced laptops with mobile devices and iPads. Without a mobile device management (MDM) solution, Hikari Tsushin risked losing data, which affects productivity, customer trust and the bottom line.

The Solution: Absolute Manage

AAM APAC CS HTI Efter doing some research, and being dissatisfied with a different MDM product they tried, Hikari Tsushin chose Absolute Manage, which combined their need to manage a large deployment of mobile devices with the ability to secure customer and company information. The ability to remotely update 6,000 devices, to lock at risk devices, to clear passwords and wipe devices for re-use - all of this has been key in achieving a high ROI.

“We estimate we’ve saved $120,000 USD over the year we’ve had Absolute Manage, between laptop hard costs and saved IT management time.” - Shinpei Ito, IT Manager at Hikari Tsushin

To find out how Hikari Tsushin uses Absolute Manage to save time, save money, and secure corporate data and devices, check out the case study here.


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