10 Mobile Security Myths

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 9/25/2013

CRN recently put together a slideshow outlining "10 Mobile Security, BYOD Privacy And Security Myths", a list that reflects the challenges that companies are facing with data security, privacy, and device theft particularly in light of BYOD. The 10 *myths* listed include:

  1. User privacy is invaded by BYOD management (the right MDM is not invasive!)
  2. Malware is the most significant threat to mobile data (nope! Lost or stolen devices is!)
  3. Mobile device management (MDM) is the cornerstone of mobile security (it can be, if the focus is on the data not the device)
  4. MDM is being widely adopted
  5. Not supporting BYOD is akin to data security (more data is being access through mobile than you may realize)
  6. BYOD issues are new
  7. Enterprises are managing corporate app stores
  8. Deploying containers locks down corporate data
  9. There is a too-high trade-off between security and user experience (not in all cases!)
  10. Existing DLP solutions can be easily migrated to mobile (sometimes, yes!)

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