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1 Million Malicious Android Apps in 2013?

By: Absolute Team | 2/22/2013

New research by Infonetics suggests that nearly 1 million malicious Android apps are anticipated during 2013. Verizon's research indicates that 69% of enterprise data breaches / 95% of breached records can be attributed to malware. According to research by Sophos, Android malware threats now exceed threats against PCs, the to-date target for most malware. Put all of this together, and the picture for enterprise security in regards to Android devices is quite bleak.

Our own research has indicated that only 35% of companies have a formal procedure for verifying and distributing apps, leaving many doors open for malicious apps to tap into the corporate network. Additionally, 48% of companies surveyed do not have an app blacklist to limit app access.

App Management is Crucial

Absolute Manage and Absolute Manage MDM, available as part of Absolute Manage, both offer organizations  unrivaled asset management capabilities. From computer imaging, patch management, MDM security, and BYOD policy automation, each capability allows IT to properly manage and secure the endpoint. Our Application Management functionality includes the ability to:

  • Track what apps are installed on a device (to manage license quotas, watch for blacklisted apps, etc)
  • Build device records using custom data fields
  • Provide a single-click download/install process for users
  • Silently install/remove apps using management APIs
  • Absolute Manage MDM to securely host, remotely deploy, and distribute in-house apps to end users
  • Provide users with a list of recommended apps (Apple or Android) for easy selection
  • Locate, terminate, and remove unlicensed and unauthorized software
  • Apply strict security controls for the sharing of files and media using the AbsoluteSafe app. Includes support for the Apple App Store Volume Purchase program.

Learn more about Absolute Manage here.

Hat tip to Fierce Mobile IT

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