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Absolute Software is the industry standard for persistent endpoint security and management solutions for computers, laptops, and ultra-portable devices and the data they contain.

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Absolute solutions support governance, risk management, and compliance extending beyond the endpoint to include IT infrastructure. Our customers can securely manage all of their devices and IT infrastructure regardless of user, location, or form factor.

Absolute Persistence

Patented Absolute persistence technology is built into tens of millions of devices around the world and provides customers with a trusted lifeline to each device in their deployment, regardless of user or location.

Endpoint Security

Absolute Computrace allows organizations to persistently track and secure all of their endpoints within a single cloud-based console. Computers and ultra-portable devices can be remotely managed and secured to ensure—and most importantly prove—that endpoint IT compliance processes are properly implemented and enforced.

Theft Management

Computrace Mobile Theft Management is a service that allows you to safeguard your iPad and iPad mini devices from loss and theft.

Endpoint Management

Absolute Manage allows organizations to persistently manage and secure all of their endpoints from a single console, including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

Absolute Manage can be deployed as a complete asset management solution or as a stand-alone solution for Mobile Device Management (MDM).

Service Management

Absolute Service is an IT Service Management (ITSM) solution. It combines people, process, and information technology so that IT services can align with the needs of the business.

Absolute Service Help Desk offers Incident Management, Knowledge Management, and basic Service Level Management for small businesses that think big. This comprehensive and cost-effective tool allows customers to start small and move up to a full ITSM solutions as business requirements grow.

Consumer Products

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Absolute LoJack is a software-based theft recovery service for consumers and home users. Our one-of-a kind Theft Recovery Team works with police to locate your stolen computer, apprehend the thief, and get your laptop back. Our $1000 Service Guarantee and thousands of happy customers stand behind our promise—we get stolen laptops back.