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Absolute Safe Schools

Absolute Safe Schools is an integrated program that is included in Absolute Software theft recovery products such as Absolute Computrace (for facility-owned devices) and Absolute LoJack (for student-owned devices).

Read our Absolute Safe Schools datasheet for more information.

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How It Works

With Absolute persistence technology in place to secure the devices on campus, Absolute Safe Schools focuses on the environment, creating a safe and secure facility by providing:

Absolute Safe Schools Protection


Teach students and staff how to avoid scenarios where they may be at risk, including best practices and safe actions.

Absolute Safe Schools Deterrence


Create a safer environment by providing on-site promotional material that clearly designates “Protected Campus” status for each school setting, including anti-theft device stickers, on-site signage, and community outreach.

Absolute Safe Schools Recovery


A proven rapid response to theft and a managed process for the return of found devices.

Campus Posters

Place posters throughout your campus to deter thieves and promote safety awareness.

Absolute Safe Schools Poster

Absolute Safe Schools Poster

Top Tips for Keeping Your School Device Safe and Secure

Number 1Prove It

Photograph valuables, record ID numbers.

Graphic Number 2Eyes Open

Report suspicious activity to police.

Graphic Number 3Hands On

Don’t leave your device unattended. Ever.

Graphic Number 4Be Aware

Thieves look for victims that don’t pay attention.

Graphic Number 5No Lending

No one will care for your device as well as you.

Graphic Number 6Lock It Up

Secure your room, even if you’ll be right back.

Graphic Number 7Give It Up

If you’re robbed, give it up. A device can be replaced. You can’t!

Graphic Number 8Get Help!

NEVER try to recover a stolen device – leave it to the police.