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Absolute Safe Schools / K-12 Education

Absolute Safe Schools

Absolute Safe Schools is an integrated program that works in conjunction with existing Absolute Software theft recovery technology. Overseen by our Absolute Investigations team, Absolute Safe Schools can help keep students and school environments safe.

Read our Absolute Safe Schools datasheet for more information.

Download our Absolute Safe Schools Guide for a copy of our tips and student quiz.

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How It Works

Absolute Safe Schools provides a safe environment and promotes student and staff security through three simple steps.

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Teach students and staff how to avoid scenarios where they may be at risk, including best practices and safe actions.

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Create a safer environment by providing on-site promotional material that clearly designates “Protected Campus” status for each school setting, including anti-theft device stickers, on-site signage, and community outreach.

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A proven rapid response to theft and a managed process for the return of found devices.

School Posters

Place posters throughout your school to deter thieves and promote safety awareness.

Absolute Safe Schools Poster

Absolute Safe Schools Poster

Top Tips for Keeping Your School Device Safe and Secure

Graphic Number 1Keep your device out of sight.

When you’re not in the classroom, keep your device in your book bag or somewhere out of sight. If you store the device in your locker, make sure it is locked.

Graphic Number 2Don’t tell others that you have a device.

If you are allowed to take your device home, don’t advertise to others you have a device.

Graphic Number 3Never leave your device unattended.

Don’t leave your device unattended at school or in public, even to use the bathroom. Just because it’s out of sight in your book bag doesn’t mean it’s safe. A thief only needs a few seconds to steal your device.

Graphic Number 4Don’t lend your device to anyone.

Never loan your device to anyone without permission from a teacher or school administrator. Other people may not treat the device with the same care and respect as you do.

Graphic Number 5Don’t use your device where it could be damaged.

Water, beverage, and even food spills can harm your device.

Graphic Number 6Don’t leave your device in a car.

If you have to, keep it out of sight or locked in the trunk.

Graphic Number 7Don’t use your device in public places.

Never use your device on the bus, at a bus stop or other public locations where a thief may see it.

Graphic Number 8Pay attention to your surroundings.

Stay alert. Thieves target people that aren’t paying attention.

Graphic Number 9Always return your device.

If you are required to turn in your device, never leave it on a cart or on a teacher’s desk. Always place it in the hands of a teacher or a school administrator.