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Power Management

Green IT supports the three essential aspects of a sustainable business—people, planet, and profital—also known as the “triple bottom line”. Power management (PM) is one of the easiest ways to contribute to Green IT and achieve demonstrable savings for your organization.

Implement an Energy Savings Policy

Many employees leave their computers running around the clock, forcing organizations to pay for energy even when devices are not in use. Conserve energy and save money by creating a power management policy based on user behavior and work schedules so that the most energy efficient profiles are enforced.

Absolute Manage makes it easy to implement power management policies. By automating power settings and shutdown times, you can ensure devices are turned off after hours or when not in use for significant energy savings. You can also remotely power machines on to install patches and updates.

What is Power Management?

What is Power Management Video

Power Management ROI

Power Management ROI Calculator

ENERGY STAR estimates that organizations could save up to $50 per computer per year by implementing a client management tool with power management capabilities such as Absolute Manage.

Use the Power Management ROI Calculator to determine your annual power management savings and the payback period on your investment.

Calculate Your Savings

Additional savings can be achieved through government rebates and incentive programs. Many organizations are able to subsidize and even cover the cost of implementing power management technology.

Absolute Manage

Absolute Manage allows you to analyze the data generated by your power management policy to determine your resource savings so you can plan for future efficiencies and demonstrate to the wider organization how IT policies can result in tangible savings.

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